YOUR– Our pharmacies are located conveniently within your community. We are a family owned company and we believe in the value of serving you. Every time you visit PharmaPlus, there will be familiar faces and our pharmacist will remember and greet you by name. Our vision is to have one PharmaPlus in every community in Indonesia so we can be deeply invested in every community, proving our commitment to improving the lives and health of people all over Indonesia.

TRUSTED – We promise to be a place that you can trust. First, trust that all of our pharmacists are trained and qualified to dispense your medications. Second, trust that our pharmacists are honest, genuine and have your best interests at heart when recommending medications. Third, trust that all our medicines and products are authentic and well priced.

MEDICATION– We want to be your trusted medication expert. Our main focus is to offer you complete and authentic prescription medicines and to advise you about your medications. Given our background from Canada and as pharmacists, this is where we feel we could make the biggest difference to benefit the people of Indonesia.

SPECIALIST– We believe that only trained and qualified pharmacists should be allowed to dispense your medication and give you general health and medication advices. This is why in PharmaPlus, we promise there will always be a pharmacist standby and happy to serve you. As a specialist, we are consistently bringing in new innovations to Indonesia from Canada such as Blister Packaging, Medication Review and Mobile Pharmacy. We aim to be the leader in pharmacy service in Indonesia and be a place that you can trust for all of your medication and health needs.