Blister packaging is a method of preparing the medications based on the doctor’s prescription, in which doses of medications for different times are prepared by the pharmacist and delivered in individually labeled packets to be taken on an ordered schedule. This packaging will ensure safe medication administration.


Our core product offering is complete and authentic prescription medicines. During operating hours, our pharmacists are always ready to serve you with every prescription needs and advise you about your medications. Our experienced pharmacist will ensure that you receive the right medicine as prescribed by your doctor.


With a wide range of OTC (Over the counter) products available at PharmaPlus, our stand-by pharmacists are available for free consultation to ensure you are well informed about the OTC products that you need.


PharmaPlus is committed to be a one-stop pharmacy for medications and all your health needs. We provide home health test kit for cholesterol, uric acid, glucose and blood presure. We also offer daily living aids such as wheelchair, walking sticks, commode chair and a wide range of supportive braces for knees, wrists and elbows.


Find your vitamins and supplements in PharmaPlus to help you achieve better and healthier lives. We stock both premium grade vitamins, natural supplements and quality economy supplements. Some include: Nutrimax, Nature's Health, Blackmores and Nature Plus Consult with our pharmacists to understand which vitamins and supplements suits your needs and lifestyle


Our pharmacists are happy to help you pick the best products for your children. Discuss with our pharmacists to truly understand the right nutrition and products to help your children grow into their true potential. Some of our selections include: Baby formula: Nestle NAN, Nutribaby, Frisolac, Isomil and Lactogen Baby diapers: Mamy Poko, Sweety, Pampers and Merries Wide choices for baby vitamins and OTCs


PharmaPlus offers vitamins, nutrition and health advises for women preparing for pregnancy, expecting mothers and all mothers in the community.


We are especially focused on providing products for seniors in our community. This include a wide range of vitamin and formula specially formulated for seniors, continence needs such as diapers and pads, hot balms and braces for joints pain, walking aids and other needs to help seniors live the best way.


To help you care for a senior or a loved one with a health condition, we offer a selection of masks, gloves and other sanitary and medical aids to help you achieve the best care possible.


We understand the importance of having the right wound care supplies for effective healing either from an accident or a recent surgery. PharmaPlus strives to have a complete selection of bandages, dressings, and topical wound care. If you cannot find what you are looking for let us know, we may be able to order it specially for you to help make the recovery process as quick as possible.


For your convenience, we have personal care, beauty and grooming needs also available in PharmaPlus. We offer some of the most reputable brands in personal care such as: Dove, Pantene and Loreal


We serve a range of high quality organic and natural products to support your overall health.