Our pharmacists are always ready and eager to serve you with every prescription needs. Like the way it should be, only trained and qualifed pharmacists will dispense your prescription medicines in Pharmaplus


We strive to be a place that you can trust. To provide you with the best pharmacy experience, our pharmacists have your best interest at heart and are ready to give you trustworthy answers to your medications and health concerns. All patients are also welcome to consult via calls or texts with our pharmacists


PharmaPlusoffer a variety testing of blood sugar, cholesterol, uric acid and blood pressure. We also offer in home health monitors and our pharmacists will be happy to teach you how to use and make the best of your home health equipment


PharmaPlus is a special pharmacy whose major focus is on seniors care and products related to ensuring the seniors in our community are healthy and safe when it comes to their medications and other health needs.


As your trusted medication specialist, we are committed to provide you the best and safest pharmacy experience. PharmaPlus is proud to be the first apotek in Indonesia to provide Medication Review, a thourough one on one consultation with our pharmacist to discuss any medications, vitamins and supplements you are taking. Our pharmacist will review your data and advise you on the proper usage, any possible drug interactions and ensure your medications are achieving the desired results. Learn More About Medication Review Reserve Your Medication Review


Your personalized Medication Card containing important information about the names, usage and dosis instructions of the medications you are taking.


An international medication standard that we bring home to Indonesia, the first and only blister packaging in Indonesia. It is a method of preparing the medications based on the doctor’s prescription, in which doses of medications for different times are prepared by the pharmacist and delivered in individually labeled packets to be taken on an ordered schedule. This packaging will ensure safe medication administration.